A Tribute to Fatboi The King

On Jan 21 2017, Fatboi “Bubbie” Hogan, opened his eyes into eternity. Fatboi, it’s been a week now and things haven’t been the same since you left us. We’ve had many chats on how you shared these past 15 years of your life with us. You were called Fatboi for a reason! You were the biggest pup of your whole litter. I had 7 of your brothers and sisters. I gave my friend Malcolm “Mr Snuggles”, your crazy brother. Every time you saw him you got really excited, tail wagging and running up and down the sidewalk. I hated watching you go from healthy and happy to not having you at all. The day they told me you had a heart murmur, I researched for many hours to find a remedy for your mitral valve disease. I thought to myself,  “I hope that he will be ok.” I remember the vet saying you didn’t have long to live and that I should have put you down earlier, but I didn’t. You know why? Because they didn’t see how you were running through fields, going up and down the stairs, sometimes jumping 2 steps at a time to get in the house. When I called them to refill your medications, they would ask me “ How is Fatboi?” I would tell them “O he’s fine! Just happy as can be, jumping out of couches, running up and down the hallway, and laying them balls on the floor.” That was your thing man! I loved you to health, I gave you a chance to be with us a little longer, and we enjoyed every minute of it.

 It feels surreal sometimes that you are gone. Every place I go in the house I look down and see your face. By my computer chair, in the kitchen, when I’m rattling a bag, grabbing a loaf of bread, or reaching for your pill bottles. I also wanted to let you know that my daddy really cared about you. He used to always tell me that I didn’t take you outside enough and he would take you every 30 minutes, I bet you are loving his company now! Tameko was the last person to see you man, and you were ESCTATIC! I’d never seen you get that excited. It’s like you knew that you had not seen her in a long time and you were SUPER HAPPY to see her. Made me happy just watching you 2 interact with one another. Lenzy misses you, talks about you all the time. Veverly wants to do a memorial for you and I am thankful for that. They care about you man. Jennifer shed a lot of tears when you left, she loved you with all her heart. Hurt both of us to see you go out like that.

Every time I come home from work I’m rushing inside to see your face and your tail wagging, but I come home to find only Belvadere, all alone. She is confused about the whole situation. She cared about you, she just showed her love in a different way. Now I walk around the house during the day feeling like something is missing, it hits me at random times through the day, like a feeling of emptiness in my chest. Fatboi, I don’t have any plans ever to get another dog because I feel like I’d just be looking for a replacement, and no dog will ever replace you, ever. “You don’t know how much something means to you, until it’s gone,” I now realize how true this is. You were more than just a pet, you were my friend, my companion, my son, for 15 years. You lived a good life. Never homeless, never went without food, kept you warm, and kept you cool; I feel like I did all that I could do.

But now you are with the Creator. He has you now with daddy until I get there. I will see you again, and I will hold you again. Best Believe. Now you’re in a house bigger than mine, you are eating the best food, and drinking the purest water. No pills, no doctors, no coughing. I know there is an appointed time for everything. I know you were fighting for me. You are loved, you will be missed and your presence and energy will be eternally engraved in our hearts. RIP Bubbie, Fatboi the King. You are truly free! Be blessed, until we meet again.

Daddy and Mommy Jen Jen loves you.

A Tribute To FatBoi from Kwon Hogan on Vimeo.



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